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Confusion and overwhelm often go together. When we feel confused and overwhelmed, it is very important to have a coach or trusted adviser to help us focus and move forward with confidence.

Overwhelmed? First Steps.

instaquote-21-05-2014-22-07-20One of the important questions that is often asked by my clients is how to deal with overwhelm.  I have seen a large number of people struggle with depression because there always seems to be more to deal with than a person thinks they can handle.  Have you a friend, colleague or associate who struggles with overwhelm?


When we as human beings experience overwhelm it normally means we have too much input for our system to handle.  We feel stress simply existing and cannot seem to make any forward progress at all.  Thinking about our situation is therefore stressful and we end up trying to deal with our struggles and road blocks as little as possible.

Does this sound familiar?

Our body and brain are good at shutting down when we get too much input.  When we have a physical injury that gives our nervous system too much input, our body responds by putting us into a state we refer to as “shock”.  It’s the way our nervous system protects us.

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Are You Feeling STUCK?

My Bold Prediction:  Unless you get a coach, you will stay stuck WAY too long.

If you’re working on the wrong problem, how effective and efficient can you be?

Without thinking about it we automatically approach a road block in our life the same way every time.  We don’t see the road block clearly.  A Blind Spot in our life is one form of road block that we don’t see clearly.

Often we blame the road block (or what we think the road block is) for our lack of progress and success…  If that blasted road block wasn’t  blocking our way, we would be … a millionaire by now … in a happy satisfying relationship by now … enjoying our work … getting things done … happy.

We think that removing the road block will bring us the results we want or need.  When this happens, and it happens to everyone, we need the right tools to recognize the problem accurately.  Once we successfully identify the real problem, we can take ownership of our part of the situation and create a new approach.  We turn the road block into a building block.

Road Blocks Become Building Blocks

When we have the right tools and techniques, those road blocks can quickly be recognized.  Once we recognize the road block, it is no longer hiding in plain sight.

At least 85% of the problem we normally have is accurately identifying the real problem that needs to be solved.  We can waste years of our life, working on the wrong problem, using the wrong tools, blaming the wrong person.  We make excuses to ourself and others about why we’re still stuck.

Why would we want to continue making excuses for ourself?  We know there are real solutions we can use to make quick progress now!

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The Nightcap Part 1 – Celebration


Today I’m celebrating.  I couldn’t be happier, because today I celebrate the one-year anniversary of a very memorable night.  You might think it is the one-year anniversary of something very special.  Indeed it is!  Some people celebrate their birthday today.  Several of my friends celebrate their birthday today.  It makes remembering the exact date much easier.  You might think this is the celebration of a new relationship.  In many ways, this is true.

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