Are You Feeling STUCK?

My Bold Prediction:  Unless you get a coach, you will stay stuck WAY too long.

If you’re working on the wrong problem, how effective and efficient can you be?

Without thinking about it we automatically approach a road block in our life the same way every time.  We don’t see the road block clearly.  A Blind Spot in our life is one form of road block that we don’t see clearly.

Often we blame the road block (or what we think the road block is) for our lack of progress and success…  If that blasted road block wasn’t  blocking our way, we would be … a millionaire by now … in a happy satisfying relationship by now … enjoying our work … getting things done … happy.

We think that removing the road block will bring us the results we want or need.  When this happens, and it happens to everyone, we need the right tools to recognize the problem accurately.  Once we successfully identify the real problem, we can take ownership of our part of the situation and create a new approach.  We turn the road block into a building block.

Road Blocks Become Building Blocks

When we have the right tools and techniques, those road blocks can quickly be recognized.  Once we recognize the road block, it is no longer hiding in plain sight.

At least 85% of the problem we normally have is accurately identifying the real problem that needs to be solved.  We can waste years of our life, working on the wrong problem, using the wrong tools, blaming the wrong person.  We make excuses to ourself and others about why we’re still stuck.

Why would we want to continue making excuses for ourself?  We know there are real solutions we can use to make quick progress now!

Examples that have been useful for some of my clients:

  • If you smoke to relieve stress, it will be very difficult for you to quit smoking until you develop other systems to manage the stress in your life.  In this society, stress is something we all deal with.
  • If you drink a little too much alcohol as a tool to help you deal with disappointment and painful emotional experiences in your life, it will be very unlikely that you can stop drinking too much, until you have new ways to deal with pain and disappointment.  There will always be painful and disappointing experiences you need to deal with.
  • If you don’t have a healthy understanding of control and how it affects your relationships, the way you respond to many situations can kill your deals, kill your relationships and kill your progress and success.  All while you think you’re doing everything right.  I believe that control issues are the center of many, if not most other issues we deal with in life.

It is very easy to blame the wrong thing when you hit a road block.  It is also very easy to change a road block into a building block…when you properly identify the real problem.

Do you see the advantage of working on the right problem?

How Do We Identify The Real Problem?

Most people rely on trial and error to solve their problems.  Some struggle for years, stuck on the same things.  There is a better option.

Every problem is identified and solved the same way.  Experience.  We get to the bottom every problem, identifying the cause.  We develop an approach to deal with the problem and either solve the problem, or go back to do it all over again.  Back to the drawing board…

Yes, every problem is solved with experience, but the experience doesn’t have to be your own trial and error.

The problem is, we try to do too many things on our own.  We take a very long time to discover that we really don’t understand things as well as we thought.  …we get to go back and struggle with the same thing over … and over … and over….

Road Block

It is extremely slow and sometimes very expensive to do everything the hard way.

Having someone on your team, your mentor or coach, who is experienced in identifying the issues you have, saves time and money.   Do you see how much value a coach can bring to your life?  Someone who is not influenced by strong emotion when looking at the problem you face.  When your coach looks at the problem with experiences and tools you haven’t got, they can be open-minded and clearly see options you don’t see.  Does this make sense to you?  When you focus your energy on the real problem, you quickly become at least ten times more efficient.

If you spent all your energy last year working on the wrong problem, how efficient was that?

Do you see how critical this is?

Connect with my company to see how the benefits and advantages of the systems we developed can improve your efficiency, multiply your progress, save money and turn the road blocks in your life into the building blocks of your future.

When you step up and work through those road blocks, turning them into building blocks, the future changes!  With new building blocks and tools in your toolbox, the problems of your past are no longer problems.  They are solved.  You have stepped up to a new level, become a completely new person.  You are now the person who can handle new challenges, new opportunities and new growth.

Does this make sense to you?

Every new challenge, every new income level, every new action requires you to become a new person with new tools and skills to deal with that level.

When you have the right systems, a coach, team and encouragement system, progress happens very rapidly.

Do you see how these tools can make you unstoppable?

Unless you are living on purpose, investing in you, focusing on the right problems, doing what you were created to do, you will stay stuck WAY too long.

Can you really afford to wait?

What system do you use to discover issues, Blind Spots and road blocks in your life that make relationships and progress difficult?

What system do you use to determine the right things to focus your energy on?

You can actually have what you want!

It is not too late to Invest In You!

Do you see how important this is?

You are worth it!

You are good enough, you are strong enough, you are beautiful enough and you are smart enough.  You ARE enough to do what you were created to do.  I believe in you.  I strongly believe that you and I were created for a special purpose and we are here for a very special reason.

Thank you for being there my friend.

Byron – The Bigger and Better Guy™


Do you have a system that helps you work through issues in your life?

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Every successful person has coaches, mentors and support groups to lead and inspire them to new levels of success.  Whatever you do, start making investments in yourself that get you to the Bigger and Better you deserve.

Bigger and Better.  We Can Do It Together™.

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