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You Want To Make A Difference, But You Really Don't Know How.

The Sad Fact Is 85% of People Trudge Through Life Not Knowing Who They Are or Why They Matter.

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LifeShift Academy™

LifeShift is never an accident™

That day my coach blew me away! I finally understood. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Welcome to LifeShift Academy™. My name is Byron Watts the LifeShift Guy™; internationally published author, speaker and Certified LifeShift Coach™.

The Mission is To Help You Dream.

I’m on a mission to help people just like you shift up from feelings of hopelessness, being stuck or overwhelmed – to be the person you were uniquely created to be and to bring that significance to the world; living life on your terms, focused on your Vission™, building a legacy for the ones you love.

Is it time to shift up from a mediocre life of quiet desperation to living your life Fully Alive?

Your Free Gift - Get it Now!

I want to give you a free gift from LifeShift Academy™. I also want to tell you a story about how my coach knocked my socks off.

Like all good stories, this one starts,

Once Upon A Time... How I Got me Here.

When I was young, one of my first neighbor friends hit me and discovered I didn’t fight back. Fighting didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t have a brother so I didn’t have that kind of experience. When someone needed to prove they were stronger than I was, it was easy. In my mind they were stronger. I was only three and had feelings of unworthiness. I’d already given up my voice. I didn’t have the tools and skills I needed to understand what was happening. I really didn’t know why I was the one getting hurt.

Nothing makes you feel more powerless than having your identity taken away from you.

We moved to a new place when I was four, but the pattern continued. Someone there hit me with a baseball bat.

I had a few tools, but not nearly enough to understand why standing up to a bully was important. I felt alone.

Another move, another bully. By now I was seven. This time he beaned me in the face with a baseball, instantly ending my baseball career. Another day he cracked my skull with a rock. I never told my parents about it. Many kids never do. My parents didn’t learn that my skull was fractured until ten years later. This pattern of bullying somehow seemed to be my fault, so I hid.

Masks we use to Feel Safe.

Learning to hide became one of the main ways I dealt with pain in my life. Hiding was a mask. If you don’t notice me too much, maybe you won’t hurt me. I tried to hide from people who might hurt me, to deal with, and sometimes avoid the trauma. I became the "Teacher’s Pet" and hung around with adults to avoid getting hurt. I also spent time with girls who were less likely to hurt me. It didn’t work very well, but it was the only tool I had at the time. Challenges and hurts piled on top of each other, burying me in layers of frustration and pain. My feelings of unworthiness grew.

"Nobody Likes You"   - But Masks Don't Really Work.

I was fairly smart growing up. I ended up not being liked by many students I went to school with. The worst year was seventh grade. I had the second highest grade point average in the private school. They didn’t grade on a curve and classes were difficult. They had very strict standards. There were a couple of people who everyone seemed to pick on. Of course, I was one of them. My entire class chose to gang up on me, treat me badly and make fun of me. High School students did too. One day, they told me to,

"Go play with yourself because nobody likes you."

Another day one of my classmates called me Dumbo over and over.

That was the moment I almost fought back.

Over all, it was very demoralizing. The frustration and pain continued to build layers around my heart. I started to add a very bad attitude to the collection of masks I used to protect my heart.

Go to school...get good grades...and?
Discovering your framework for SUCCESS might be broken...

I was raised by parents with a blue collar Midwestern work ethic. I was taught that a high grade point average had great value and was worth all my effort. Working Hard was important because it led to a good job with a good company and, it assumed, a good life.

I went to college assuming I needed good grades to make it. In my second year I was a Resident Assistant. As an RA, part of my job was helping with security and enforcing the rules of the private college. This didn’t make me popular with students in college either.

American Dream! (How to Have What we want when we follow the rules....)

I met someone who I thought believed in me and would join my team so we could conquer the world together. We got married the summer after my second year in college and started working on the American Dream. Or so I thought.

IBM offered me a job. We bought a house. We bought a car. I worked for several years building what I thought was my dream, when I ran into several major snags. I had the "safe secure job" with the "good company", the house, the cars and the growing family. I made significant contributions at work, but my contribution wasn’t valued very much by my team leader. My career got sidetracked, my relationships got sidetracked and my dream got sidetracked. More layers of challenges, frustration and pain, and unworthiness wrapped around my heart. Obligations and family kept me tied to an energy poor, high stress work environment for years. Then my high tech job was outsourced to Mexico and later to China.

Outsourced   - But Not Everything They Told You Is Really True.

Being unemployed for the first time in my life was very difficult and demoralizing for me. The "good company" didn’t turn out to be very good at all. The process they used to outsource me included messages from management over several years, "You’re doing your job, but you’re not good enough." Naturally, changing jobs inside the company and making a more significant contribution was also blocked. I was stuck. I was desperate. My company, my manager and my team leader told me I was simply not good enough. I was no longer useful to them.

Going back to any company’s rat wheel after that made me feel sick. Depressed and disappointed, with my failed dream, I tried Real Estate. Being my own boss and making millions to provide for my family....

But ... Without proper guidance we all flounder and fail to meet our goals.

My attempt to be a millionaire real estate investor was seriously hampered by my Blind Spots. I didn’t have a healthy support system to encourage me. I didn’t know how much pain was wrapped around my heart. I didn’t realize how disconnected I was. Disconnected from my heart. Disconnected from my dream. And disconnected from other people.

The people who should have had my back, and who I asked to be on my team spent their energy criticizing and berating my gift, my dream and my Vission™. Instead of magnifying the impact I might have had, they weakened it. Energy draining activity consumed my life for years. My wife who continually threatened to divorce me as soon as the kids were grown filed papers and kicked me out. Trying to salvage my marriage after everything fell apart, I found a coach and grabbed every resource I could find to help me understand what I was missing.

After a couple meetings, my coach made a comment that blew me away. He said, "You’re less arrogant now." That comment Knocked My Socks Off. I was thunderstruck. WOW!

Transformation in a moment.   LifeShift™ brings us to our New and Successful Future!

Transformation happens in a moment. Many people think that transformation takes a very long time, but it really happens in a brief moment.

At that moment, a major Blind Spot in my life was revealed to me in a way that I could understand. I was shocked. The years of pain, struggle and hiding had completely separated me from my heart. It isolated me from others. I didn’t realize how isolated and disconnected from other people I had made myself. Once I realized which Blind Spot I needed to deal with, I reclaimed my heart! After this significant discovery, I am able to deal with other Blind Spots as I discover them.

Don't Let Blind Spots Destroy Your Future.

You know what it’s like when you buy a brand new car? Before you pick out the brand and model that you want to drive for the next several years, you barely notice it. But as soon as you’ve picked out your own car, you notice it everywhere. Your sensitivity is adjusted. That car is no longer hidden in a kind of Blind Spot. You can’t help noticing it from now on.

In the same way, before you recognize your own Blind Spot, it’s completely invisible to you. You don’t see it at all. But when you realize you have a problem with your Blind Spot, it’s no longer hidden from you. It’s much easier to see how that problem affects your life and the lives of others. It’s also easier to see other Blind Spots you need to deal with because you’ve discovered that since you had one Blind Spot to deal with, there are probably other things that hold you hostage too. Denial doesn’t hold you back like it did before.

Through my journey and discoveries, I developed LifeShift Success Plan™ to share what I learned with you, and to help you discover your gift and bring your Vission™ to life!

Reinvention and Rediscovery. As we learn who we are and what we really want - We rebuild our future.

Reinvention is not about changing who you are. It’s about becoming who you were uniquely created to be in the first place.

Knowing about a problem is only helpful if it leads to action. I strongly encourage you to connect with your heart. The tools most people have do not help them discover their gift or bring their Vission™ to life. Your gift and your Vission™ have waited far too long.

Get LifeShift Success Plan™ now. Your life, your gift, your Vission™ and your dream deserve your investment in YOU!

Do you see how important this is?

Maybe LifeShift Success Plan™ isn’t for you. Clearly the blueprint isn’t for everyone. Some people have figured out their Blind Spots...or maybe you’re satisfied trying to do it alone, staying stuck and never getting out of the death grip your Blind Spots hold on you. If you’re happy where you are now, then LifeShift Success Plan™ probably can’t help you. On the other hand, if you’re ready to discover the life you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family, LifeShift Success Plan™ has great value for you.

It’s worth your investment. Without investment we stay stuck in our rut.

One thing we don’t hear often enough is how amazing we are. Let me remind you and tell you my friend: You are good enough. You are strong enough. You are beautiful enough. You are smart enough. You ARE enough to do what you were created to do and to be who you were specially created to be! I believe in you. I strongly believe that you and I were created for a special purpose. We’re here for a very special reason.

There is a reason you came here my friend. I commend you for that. There’s a reason for everything even though we don’t always understand it at the time.

We know there’s something Bigger and Better out there that we really want for ourself and for our family. But we don’t always know how to get there.

LifeShift is never an accident™
Don't Miss This Important Point.

Take 100% ownership of where you are now, how you got here, and where you’re headed. Take 100% ownership of your future.

Stop making excuses for yourself, your life, your mistakes and your failures. Take 100% ownership of where you are now, no matter why, no matter how you got here. Uncover the Blind Spots that hold you hostage. Get Blind Spot Awareness Blueprint and Recovery Guide offered to you at LifeShift Academy™.

A proven Blueprint is the only way to move forward in your life to the SUCCESS you deserve.

You can’t deal with problems in your life if you don’t realize they exist. Everyone needs someone they trust to help them see their Blind Spots.

You can’t get where you want to go following the herd...and you can’t do it alone.

No matter what struggles you’re experiencing, how much you’ve lost, no matter how many people have abandoned you on your journey, hold on to your dream.

Remember the Dream.   You Can!
With the right tools and support,
The Future is Very Bright!

Remember who you always dreamed you would be when you grow up? The dream might be buried under criticism, judgment, shame, unworthiness or the scorn of others. Find the issues and the Blind Spots that hold you hostage. Get a LifeShift Coach™ and the healthy support system you need and deserve to Take The Next Big Step in your life. Even when the original dream you had has failed, start where you are today.

Right now.

Create a better image and dream for yourself. Start now discovering and developing the person you are meant to be. The systems offered to you at LifeShift Academy™ give you the support and encouragement you need to make very quick progress as you Take The Next Big Step in your life. We developed the systems to provide LifeShift Coaching™, support, and mentoring that you need now.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says. If you believe you can succeed, you can. If you don’t quite believe you can, work with your LifeShift Coach™ to help clarify your Vission™. Get clear and focused on your special gift and the Vission™ you were specially created for and always wanted. Don’t struggle and hurt alone. Your LifeShift Coach™ is someone who’s been through struggles, just like you, and come out the other side knowing the future is brighter and better than they ever imagined. Since they experienced struggles just like yours, your LifeShift Coach™ understands what you’re going through. They know how to get you there faster, at least 10 times faster than you could possibly do it alone.

The Value of Transformation.   Transformation into who you were created to be and always knew you wanted.

When you go through a personal transformation, your value increases significantly.

You might know someone, a friend, colleague, neighbor or relative who’s discouraged, hurting, struggling with shame, unworthiness or overwhelmed and needs to find a healthy support system, a proven Blueprint and someone who believes in them. Remind them that the future is much brighter when you take the right action now.

Make your FOCUS clear. Your direction and ultimate destination matter. Choose to stop being overwhelmed by life, struggles and frustrations.

Develop your skills, connection, value and systems. Your FOCUS determines your direction and your ultimate destination. Get How to End OVERWHELM a tool offered to you at LifeShift Academy™ to make your FOCUS clear. Life no longer needs to knock you out. You are a WINNER!

I always dreamed of something different, something bigger; a way to make a huge impact on the world. I never felt comfortable settling for a marginal life. Still, life circumstances kept getting in the way of my breakthrough. Friends and family obligations continued to stress the necessity of being "normal", of not rocking the boat, of staying in line and being comfortable.

But I wasn’t comfortable. I was distressed. Dying on the inside, following the rules someone else made up for their benefit, not mine. Perhaps you have experience similar to mine. Going to school. Getting good grades. Getting a good job. Following the rules. Not rocking the boat or making someone else feel uncomfortable?

Comfort Zones.
If you won't stretch - You Never Grow.

I’m always surprised how uncomfortable other people become when you challenge what they believe. They become defensive and obnoxious. It’s like they can’t survive unless they are "right". Do you know someone like that? Honestly, I used to be one of "those" people too. I had to be right. I had to win. I had something to prove. The problem was, I didn’t realize I was stuck in the same trap I saw others snared in.

The biggest problem was TAKING WAY TOO LONG to figure out what my Blind Spots were. I didn’t have a LifeShift Coach™ to point these things out. I didn’t have a healthy support system, someone who understood me and believed in me; someone who had my back. I was alone. I thought I could do it all by myself.

I thought I had to.

It turns out, that if you believe nobody can understand you or relate to where you are in your life, you're suffering from a gigantic ego, just like I was. If you think you can, or must do it alone, your ego is preventing you from moving forward to the life you want. You cannot do it alone. You cannot survive without dealing with this huge Blind Spot in your life.

My failure to find and hire the right coach ended up costing me $500,000 in actual cash losses; $250,000 in additional balance sheet losses plus AT LEAST three times that much in lost potential. This does not take into account the pain and suffering caused by loss which is impossible to measure. If I had the right coach and support system to help me with my Blind Spots, my goals, my gift and my Vission™ it would easily have been worth at least $3,000,000 and possibly more to me.

LifeShift is never an accident™.

The value of a proven coaching system is Priceless.

Are you ready for your own LifeShift Coach™?

It happens to everyone eventually – something deeply rattles your confidence. You lose your job, you mess up at work, you receive tough feedback, you go through a divorce, you suffer a financial loss, or you’re otherwise set back on your heels.

Get Your Confidence Back!

If it’s bad enough, the very vision of yourself gets cracked.

You begin to wonder what your strengths really are.

Given the importance of confidence, if we lose it,

how can we get it back?

Get LifeShift Success Plan™, the LifeShift Coach™ and healthy support system you need today. Clarify your Vission™ and build your Legacy with the help of Get LifeShift Success Plan™ today.

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You are worth every moment of the investment you make in yourself my friend.

LifeShift is never an accident™.

I can’t wait to make a difference with you!

You deserve the best!

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