Bigger and Better is the result of taking The Next Big Step!

Bigger and Better is the result of taking The Next Big Step!

Byron T Watts Speaking
Have you ever played the game Bigger and Better?  I remember playing the game a few times when I was growing up.  The game is played when several teams start with a small item, sometimes they start with a quarter that someone dug out of the couch.  Each team wanders around the neighborhood or drives around town trading the smaller item for something Bigger and Better!  Depending on which homes a team stops to visit, the items traded might become rather substantial.  There have been some teams that start with a quarter and end with a pickup truck after an hour or two of game play.

Life is a game of Bigger and Better.

The difference between Bigger and Better and real life is that you have to give up something to get something better.  This isn’t always be true in real life.  Sometimes it is though.  For example, you can’t take a full time job in Chicago and continue to work a full time job in Minneapolis.  You have to choose between one or the other.  You can’t go to work at the better job in Chicago until you stop going to work at your current job in Minneapolis.  Maybe that’s why it sometimes gets scary.

When we are born, we start with something like a quarter.  We trade in the quarter, as such, and learn to talk.  We trade or improve our skills and learn to walk.  We continue to trade and improve our skills and talents and learn to do amazing things.  We don’t have to give up talking to learn walking, fortunately.

The trouble is, at some point, many people learn to fear of taking further risks…and stop playing.  Some have pointed out that the average person stops imagining a better life and being really creative at around the age of 14.  Perhaps it’s a consequence of being told what can’t be done so often.

Here’s the thing.  About 5% of the population keeps playing.  They continue to take risks, continue to learn and improve their new skills, continue to grow and develop themselves.  We think they are superstars and assume they have something special that we do not have.

It isn’t true.

What they have is the willingness to continue to play Bigger and Better!  They continue their learning process and develop skills making decisions and take risks…just like everyone else can, but choose not to.

Will you be one of the 5%?

Maybe it’s even … the 2%.

Most people are:

*addicted to something
*on the verge of giving up hope and resigning to life as merely an extension of their past instead of an exciting journey

Many have settled for a mediocre existence and turned off the dream they once had.

Since you’re here, you’re not average.  You understand that mediocre is not acceptable.  Doing things differently than most people is important and essential.  You are the 5%!  Maybe even the 2%.  Congratulations!

Lifestyle Decisions

Imagine taking your daughter or son on the vacation you’ve always wanted to take them on.  See their shining faces as your little girl tells you how much she loved spending time with you today doing things she, and you, will never forget.  Lifestyle decisions can make significant differences in our ability to enjoy spending time with family, doing what matters most to a growing child.  Being able to take time to invest in our relationships now, instead of putting those critical decisions and relationships off till later, makes the quality of our life customized to our values now.  It’s amazing seeing the results of income that comes from multiplied efforts and not tied to hourly wages.

The Discovery

I looked in the mirror and realized I was tired of the pattern I had been living.  The people who were supposed to be cheering for me…were jeering at me.  I always thought the American Dream required all the rat-race I was experiencing.  I thought I had to struggle to keep my job so I could pay the bills and support my family.  Having my boss tell me I wasn’t good enough even though I kept doing my job well was hard.  And when my wife didn’t offer support either, life seemed so full of hurt and pain.  I almost gave up.

Instead of throwing in the towel, I decided to discover for myself the systems that would make me not only survive the traumas life seemed to be handing me, but to thrive and grow through the challenges in ways that seemed impossible at the time.  Continuing the rat-race lifestyle to buy things I didn’t really need or want became a problem.  So I went searching for ways I could make lifestyle changes that would be more satisfying in my life.  Now, I have the systems to help people just like you go through situations because, it’s never good to endure trauma alone.

You know it’s not possible without doing something different in your life, so you take the steps you must to Take The Next Big Step in your life.

Now…check under the sofa cushions, grab that quarter, register in the box on the right and let’s move on together to Bigger and Better…you deserve it!

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