Happy New Year because You MATTER!

I struggled with how to present this information to you for over three years. Dug deeply into the self help industry learning conventional techniques that might not help anyone really. I tried and tried to take the God Factor under wraps and make it a surprise at the end. But I failed.

This morning I had a dream. In that dream the God Factor became clear to me. And now I am compelled to share with you the true story of why You MATTER!

I begin at the beginning, for where else can one really begin? Well, almost the beginning. We really must go even further back than the beginning. Because the story of why You MATTER! begins even before the beginning.

I cannot do any better than to say, I believe in a God who is different than you think he is. The God I trust with my life does things that make no sense to me sometimes. He is bigger than time; more powerful than any other being that exists. But here is one thing about my God that is so different than any other being in existence that I cannot understand it. My God loves. He is so full of goodness, that almost nothing else matters.

As I was saying, my story, and yours, begins even before the beginning of time. God was talking with himself. He decided that he wanted someone to share his goodness with. He wanted someone to love. Someone who would choose to love him back.

One thing God did not want was a puppet. The kind of relationship God needed to have is free from obligation. Love or do not love. Nothing forced. Nothing controlled. Nothing obligated. Either a completely free and unencumbered loving relationship, or nothing at all. 100% or nothing.

And then he thought of You!

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