So now it’s on to real life…



I heard a comment today that made me stop to think.  The speaker was talking to someone about graduating college.  “So now it’s on to real life.”

It is very interesting that we fully understand and concede that college is not “real life”…all the while we’re fed the line that college is required to enjoy a real life.

How can this be?  We know that many instructors have never had a “real job”.  We who attended some college probably even had an instructor or a few who would starve to death in the “real world.”  Yet we continue to buy the line that learning from them is a requirement to having a successful life.  Strange.

Please understand that I strongly encourage and recommend lifelong learning.  My stance on college has changed entirely.  I also have some concerns with public education, but for this context, I’m more concerned with what happens after high school.

Lifelong learning requires the understanding that who I am is far more important than what I do.  Learning and growing to be the best me I can be, so I can give you the best me possible.  You investing in you so that we together can form an amazing team.  We challenge each other to be our best, to do the best we can with what we understand now.  Investing in forward action, development and progress to be even better tomorrow than we are today.

What stands in our way of reaching this dream?  We do.  You stand in your way.  I stand in my way.  It’s time that you and I get out of our own way.  Is it possible to stop tripping on all the old road blocks that get in our way?  “Of Course!” How is it possible?  What can we do to get on the road to progress, instead of tripping on the road blocks we keep running in to?

We turn those old road blocks into building blocks.  We make those things that used to trip us up a stepping stone, a building block that no longer gets in the way.

Imagine how liberating it is to stop running into the same old problems.  Do you see the value of moving forward to something new, something even better?

When is a good time to start?

You don’t need more college to have a successful and brighter future.

You do need to make an investment in you.

I recommend making an investment in you.  The future is always one moment away.  The decision you make right now will affect your future forever.

Do you see how important this is?

The more formal education you have, the more you need to unlearn before you will be a successful entrepreneur, contractor or even a better employee.  Formal education is not real life.  It does not mimic the attitudes, skills and knowledge you need to succeed in real life.

Does this make sense?

It is not too late to Invest In You!

Do you see how important this is?

You are worth it!

  • You are good enough.
  • You are strong enough.
  • You are beautiful enough.
  • You are smart enough.
  • You ARE enough to do what you were created to do.
  • I believe in you.

I strongly believe that you and I were created for a special purpose and we are here for a very special reason.

Thank you for being there my friend.

Byron – The Bigger and Better Guy™


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