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Adventure is a key to the LifeShift we deserve. Celebrate!

The Journey of Belonging

The Journey to BelongOnce upon a time; let’s call it, “The Beginning”, there was this guy.  The writer calls Him God.  The writer never really explains where God came from.  The writer says He was always there.  WOW.  Something we don’t understand already.  Okay.  So we have this guy God who already existed in the beginning.  Cool!  Now, on with the story.
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Change Your Story, Change Your Life! – Part 4

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instaquote-19-08-2014-02-16-24Without the right tools life is very frustrating.

The truth is, it’s very frustrating trying to live your dream when you don’t have the tools and the healthy support systems you need.  Most people give up their dream because no one is helping and encouraging them on their way.  Maybe you understand what I’m saying.

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How will the Millennial Revolution affect you?

My Bold Prediction:  If you don’t choose to Play Big, you will die broke.

It is not too late to invest in your brighter future.

Without a Dream for the Future We Die.  I have a Dream.

Are you and your company positioned for greatness?  The value you bring to the world determines how bright your future will be.  The old system has been replaced by something different.  Some people call this type of shifting a paradigm shift.  Either way, a revolution is happening all around you.  Have you noticed the effects yet?

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The Question and the Vission

TakeTheNextBigStep.comGreetings my friend.

I skipped my post earlier today because I spent the day doing a regroup.  I got confused and distracted about something.  Maybe you can relate.

I was asking myself the question, “How can I get you to care about what I think is important?”


I CAN’T get you to do anything of the sort, right?  I can only tell you who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going.  If who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going resonates with you, you might choose to join me on the journey of a lifetime!

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