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Rose Colored Glasses

Rose Colored Glasses
Seeing Life From a Different Perspective

Last time I wrote about Harry and Sally.  They don’t always make the most logical or sensible decisions…at least it seems that way to you and me.

Today I received several phone calls.  One saying my new glasses arrived.  Another asking about how to respond to a Real Estate deal with a couple added and unexpected twists.  These two calls made me think about Harry, Sally, Rose Colored Glasses and how the lenses we see through affect what we see.

My friend called about the Real Estate deal.  He really needs a new place to live this week.  He called to say that the landlord asked Continue reading Rose Colored Glasses

Yearning for an improved relationship

A Yearning Heart Makes Decisions Blindly

Yearning for a good relationshipA Yearning Heart Makes Decisions Blindly

…for many and various reasons.

A brief study of relationship.

Did you know that one of the biggest contributors to the dating scams going on around us is the feeling that we are alone and abandoned?

Let me tell you a story about someone I met not so long ago.  Perhaps we can see one of the reasons that some of our friends make irrational decisions about new relationships.

 Harry Met Sally

Harry got married young.  He had a good idea of what he wanted and thought he found her in college.  They say that opposites attract.  Perhaps that is why Harry found Sally, someone who was organized and methodical to help him balance tendencies to be disorganized and distracted.  It almost worked.  The problem with marrying another person is, both people have baggage, issues and life experiences that contribute to the way we each make decisions.   How we feel is a reflection of what we believe about ourself, how we feel about our partner and how we feel about life experiences that happen to each of us.

There are reasons why Harry picked Sally.  He liked her beautiful long hair, her cute smile, her smart organization.  He thought he liked Continue reading A Yearning Heart Makes Decisions Blindly

More than just religion

Iinstaquote-20-08-2014-00-44-07 grew up under a system of thought that I believe strangled my christian life for many years.  The system of thought was that Christianity was defined by a list of things you did or didn’t do.  If you could avoid the list of nine or so naughty things, then that made you a good christian.

If you didn’t smoke, if you didn’t drink, if you didn’t chew, if you didn’t dance, if you didn’t go to the theater, if you didn’t play cards … if you didn’t have long hair, if you didn’t have tattoos AND, never run around with “those” people who did, you were okay.

The problem is, Continue reading More than just religion

Change Your Story, Change Your Life! – Part 4

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instaquote-19-08-2014-02-16-24Without the right tools life is very frustrating.

The truth is, it’s very frustrating trying to live your dream when you don’t have the tools and the healthy support systems you need.  Most people give up their dream because no one is helping and encouraging them on their way.  Maybe you understand what I’m saying.

When you try to make a LifeShift™, but don’t know exactly how or where you’re headed – and you don’t have the support you need Continue reading Change Your Story, Change Your Life! – Part 4

Change Your Story, Change Your Life! – Part 3

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We know that when we change our story, our life makes radical changes.  But most people never take time to discover where their story came from.  If you don’t take time to reflect on your story, what it’s telling you and where it came from, how can you ever change your story and radically improve your life?

Take a moment and reflect with Byron Watts (me) as we discover Continue reading Change Your Story, Change Your Life! – Part 3