Change Your Story, Change Your Life! – Part 3

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We know that when we change our story, our life makes radical changes.  But most people never take time to discover where their story came from.  If you don’t take time to reflect on your story, what it’s telling you and where it came from, how can you ever change your story and radically improve your life?

Take a moment and reflect with Byron Watts (me) as we discover something new about your story and I learn something new about mine.

Sit quietly and review the voice you hear in your head.  It might help to identify the voice if you think about what happens when something doesn’t work out quite the way you wanted or expected it to.  You tried to do something, but the results disappointed you or someone you were trying to please.  You might feel disappointed, let down, annoyed, frustrated, hurt or angry.  When this happens, what is your inner voice telling you?

Some people hear a voice that says something like, “You’re such an idiot!”  Others might hear, “You should have known better….”  Still others might hear, “I know you would screw this up.  You always mess things up!”  You might even hear, “I told you so….”

Who said that?

Who’s voice do you hear in your head?  Is it your own voice?  Is is the voice of one of your parents or a relative?  Maybe it is your spouse, partner or ex-spouse…or ex-partner.  For some, it could be a business partner or your banker.  You might hear multiple voices.

It is possible that you hear an encouraging voice telling you that you are great, the results weren’t quite what you wanted, but you will do better next time….  Maybe.

Most people do not have an encouraging voice in their head.  If you do, you are already on the right track!

Your actions have varying results for different reasons.  Sometimes things we cannot control and could not have predicted happen, setting us back.  Through no fault of your own, things don’t turn out right.  At that moment, you have the choice of a lifetime!

Bitter or Better

Will you be Bitter, or will you be Better through the experience?  Even further, it’s time to take control of the voice in your head.  When you control the voice in your head, your whole future can be yours!  You can control more than you think you can.

The most important story in your life is the story you tell yourself.

  1. Take some time today to identify what your story is.
  2. Who’s voice is talking in your head?
  3. What is the voice saying?
  4. Do you have a mostly discouraging, or mostly encouraging voice?

Email your results to  Subject:  My Story

Tell Byron Watts and LifeShift Academy™ what is going on in your story so far.  We at LifeShift Academy™ have tools that can help you create a new story for yourself that can help you discover how much you matter and what you can do to create an amazing future for the ones you love.  Leave a Legacy that matters when you unlock your potential.  Taking The Next Big Step with our proven, proprietary systems and tools can give you the life you always dreamed about, but were afraid to hope for.

It’s time to get tools that turn your dreams into reality.

Are you ready to Play Big?

When it comes right down to it, your dream is bigger than you probably admit to to others.  Don’t settle for someone else’s dream for your life.

Change your story, change your life.

Do you see how important this is?

Until our next visit my friend.


Byron Watts and LifeShift Academy™ recommend you take a look at LifeShift Academy™ and the systems we developed to help people just like you make significant improvements in and with your life.

Do you understand how important this is?

Start Today!

It is not too late to Invest In You!  Your relationships and commitments will benefit from a healthier you!

Do you see how important this is?

You are worth it!

  • You are good enough.
  • You are strong enough.
  • You are beautiful enough.
  • You are smart enough.
  • You ARE enough to do what you were created to do.
  • I believe in you.

Byron Watts strongly believes that you and I were created for a special purpose and we are here for a very special reason.

Thank you for being there my friend.

Byron Watts – The Bigger and Better Guy™

P.S.  Do you have a system that helps you work through issues in your life?

Stay tuned for more systems that you can use to get to Bigger and Better!


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Bigger and Better.  We Can Do It Together™.

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