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Iinstaquote-20-08-2014-00-44-07 grew up under a system of thought that I believe strangled my christian life for many years.  The system of thought was that Christianity was defined by a list of things you did or didn’t do.  If you could avoid the list of nine or so naughty things, then that made you a good christian.

If you didn’t smoke, if you didn’t drink, if you didn’t chew, if you didn’t dance, if you didn’t go to the theater, if you didn’t play cards … if you didn’t have long hair, if you didn’t have tattoos AND, never run around with “those” people who did, you were okay.

The problem is, this list of things has absolutely NOTHING to do with being a Christian.

I believe the focus of many of those who claim to be christians has primarily been wrong.  Christianity has nothing to do with trying to be good or trying to act a certain way, or simply going to church once a week, or once a year.  Putting on a show when you go to a church once each week, saying that everything is fine and life is perfect is so counterproductive it isn’t even funny.

Being a Christian is ONLY and completely about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Anything else is just another religion.

Neither one of us wants just another religion.  Right?

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Let me remind you again my friend,

You are worth it!

  • You are good enough.
  • You are strong enough.
  • You are beautiful enough.
  • You are smart enough.
  • You ARE enough to do what you were created to do.
  • I believe in you.

Byron Watts and our company strongly believe that you and I were created for a special purpose and we are here for a very special reason.

Your life has meaning an purpose as long as you’re breathing my friend.

Do you see how important this is?

Until our next visit my friend.  Byron Watts and our company look forward to serving you.

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Do you understand how important this is?

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Do you see how important this is?

Thank you for being there my friend.

Byron Watts – The Bigger and Better Guy™

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