Be aware of your unconscious decisions

“Mindlessness is often the root of self destruction.”  — Jillian Michaels

Become aware of your unconscious decisions.  These are very often directly connected to your Blind Spots.  Once you have an awareness of how you respond and react to others and to things that happen in your life; once you are aware of your unconscious choices, you can direct your choices and your intentions to focus clearly on your goals and the future you really want.
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Self Talk

Self Talk Is Dangerous.

In a previous entry I mentioned Head Trash that keeps most people stuck.  You know — the words you hear in your head that remind you about all your faults fears and failures.  The voice – let’s call it self talk.  The messages you automatically say to yourself when something happens.

  • I knew you couldn’t…
  • You always screw things up…
  • Who do you think you are…?
  • You will never get it right…

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The Beginning of Lifestyle Design


The other day I accepted a challenge to write myself a letter in the future.  The letter was intended to “Fire Your Boss” which is a very interesting prospect when you realize how quickly the job market is adjusting from the Industrial Age infrastructure we were taught to expect to…something else.  So many people are losing their jobs and being forced to either get creative, or settle for subsidies that make us soft and needy and weak.

The beginning of Lifestyle Design is to determine what we really want….  It is impossible to work toward a goal that is not clearly defined.

So, the first point of Lifestyle Design is:

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Head Trash

One of the most fascinating things is how we all end up dealing with Head Trash.  You know, the messages you tell yourself that often seem to tell you that things won’t go well for you.  Perhaps the messages say that you shouldn’t take any risks because you will probably lose.

Do you have anything like that going on in your head?

Sometimes we call them tapes.  The messages that we replay over an over again.

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The Crazy Dance

Working Together Living LIfe Together
There are many reasons that things happen.  People respond or react to trauma and situations they experience in life.  We each respond differently, but we see patterns that are common.  One of the great losses and a side effect brought on by the strong independent woman is that men are no longer needed, or allowed to protect her and provide for her needs and the needs of the family.  Another great loss is the loss of the loving and nurturing mother and wife.

This article is not about the causes that brought about that relationship breakdown.  Abuses of power, self-centeredness, and simple indifference for some families have caused great pain and trauma.  We cover more relationship issues and ways to improve them in other LifeShift Academy™ articles and resources.

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