The Crazy Dance

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There are many reasons that things happen.  People respond or react to trauma and situations they experience in life.  We each respond differently, but we see patterns that are common.  One of the great losses and a side effect brought on by the strong independent woman is that men are no longer needed, or allowed to protect her and provide for her needs and the needs of the family.  Another great loss is the loss of the loving and nurturing mother and wife.

This article is not about the causes that brought about that relationship breakdown.  Abuses of power, self-centeredness, and simple indifference for some families have caused great pain and trauma.  We cover more relationship issues and ways to improve them in other LifeShift Academy™ articles and resources.

Having a growing healthy relationship with anyone requires developing and improving our relationship skills.

Relationship Addiction

There is another issue that causes people to do very strange things.  At least they appear strange to you and me.  I have a friend who is so desperate for a relationship to continue that they tolerate craziness.  Putting up with financial abuse, making choices that make no sense.  Putting up with substance abuse.  Putting up with tantrums and verbal abuse.

  • Control Issues
  • Enabling
  • Chemical Addiction
  • Connection / Relationship Addiction
  • Boundary Issues
  • Blame
  • Shame
  • Lack of Self-Confidence
  • Lack of Self-Worth

Imagine how much simpler life would be if my friend and their partner took a step back and each one honestly worked through their Blind Spots.

Maybe you or someone you know have a few issues or Blind Spots holding you hostage.  The biggest problem with a Blind Spot is that everyone…except you can see it.  Until the Blind Spot is uncovered and acknowledged, it is impossible to deal with it and stop the nasty effects it has on your life and your future.

You and those you care about can stop being hostages to Blind Spots.

Get Blind Spot Awareness Blueprint and Recovery Guide offered to you by LifeShift Academy™ to help you or the one you love with Blind Spots.

You can be free of the things that limit your future.

Share the gift of Blind Spot Awareness Blueprint and Recovery Guide with those you care about.  Go through the Blueprint yourself to begin the journey into your amazing future.  You and the ones you live deserve your best!

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Crazy Dance

When someone who has serious Blind Spots tries to get their needs met, he or she sometimes makes crazy choices.  The Crazy Dance happens when two people struggle to have a relationship, but either refuse to deal with their own Blind Spots, or are totally unaware of the Blind Spots and how they cause relationship trauma.

The Crazy Dance consumes so much energy that almost nothing else gets done.

When I have Blind Spots and I don’t feel loved, my desperation to feel loved, appreciated and important to you will make it very easy for me to make crazy choices.  My crazy choices might often make you feel unappreciated or unloved, which makes it very easy for you to make crazy choices.

The feelings of significance, feeling loved, feeling respected, feeling special to someone, are so important that we make choices to try and get them.  We want to feel loved, respected, special.  We need to feel significant.

Coming Out The Other Side

When we understand those nasty Blind Spots and they no longer control our Crazy Dance, life becomes simpler.

When two healthy people work together to meet the needs of the other, they multiply and increase their results together.  Working as a Team.

As they discover new areas that need attention, more Blind Spots or concerns, the new issues are worked through to bring new clarity and understanding to the relationship.

This is one of the most important functions of a coach.  Your coach can observe what is going on far more objectively than you can.  Your coach is the person in your life who can look at what is going on without feeling your emotions the way you do.  You might feel cheated, abandoned and alone.  Your coach understands how that feels, but can see far more clearly what is going on in the situation.  Since your coach has your back, you don’t have to feel abandoned as you work through the issues to become your very best!

Do you see how important this is?

Another key value your coach brings into your life is a system of accountability, so your goals can be reached far more quickly.  Your Vission™ directing your future.

Focus Clarity

Do you have the benefits of a coach in your life?  Is your value being magnified?  Are you working through your Blind Spots?  Are you becoming the healthy person you were created to be?  Or, are your Blind  Spots still holding you hostage and muting your abilities?  Your future can be so much brighter than your past ever was.

Are you ready for your brighter future?

Start your LifeShift™ now!

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