Be aware of your unconscious decisions

“Mindlessness is often the root of self destruction.”  — Jillian Michaels

Become aware of your unconscious decisions.  These are very often directly connected to your Blind Spots.  Once you have an awareness of how you respond and react to others and to things that happen in your life; once you are aware of your unconscious choices, you can direct your choices and your intentions to focus clearly on your goals and the future you really want.

For more help with Blind Spots, Blind-Spot-Title

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Numbing Out – Warning Signs of Mindlessness

Numbing out is one of the warning signals that things aren’t quite right.  You know what I mean.  When too many things get piled on your plate or things you really don’t like seem to keep happening to you.  Perhaps the close loving relationship you desperately want with your partner has grown cold or gone sour.  Your work has so many demands that you seem more and more unable to meet.  Maybe you’re losing your job, or going through a divorce….

…or maybe you’ve just settled for a very monotonous and mediocre life and your soul is grieving.

Sometimes staring mindlessly at hours and hours of television seems to soothe that longing deep inside.  But it keeps coming up – over and over.

Some people numb out with alcohol.  Others use drugs or sex or food – it could be any number of things.  We use our numbness as an excuse to avoid feelings and issues we really need to deal with.

It turns out that numbing out is also a big part of mindlessness.  We fear feeling our feelings.  We fear dealing with the issues that block our happiness and all our goals for the future.

You really want to start creating the future of your dreams now.

What is stopping you?

You will work with a LifeShift Coach™ who can help you clarify your Vission™ and get to the life you dream of.

If you continue mindlessly numbing out, you can never get where you must be.


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