Self Talk

Self Talk Is Dangerous.

In a previous entry I mentioned Head Trash that keeps most people stuck.  You know — the words you hear in your head that remind you about all your faults fears and failures.  The voice – let’s call it self talk.  The messages you automatically say to yourself when something happens.

  • I knew you couldn’t…
  • You always screw things up…
  • Who do you think you are…?
  • You will never get it right…

One person I heard who has it really bad continually repeated,   “Dummy.  Dummy.  Dummy.  Dummy.  Dummy.  Dummy.” when he made a mistake.

It’s so sad.  Because it was never true.  But when you believe something is true, for you it really is true.  He, to himself is a, “Dummy.  Dummy.  Dummy.  Dummy.  Dummy.  Dummy.”

If you really want to design the life of your dreams, it is critical to deal with any negative self talk because, self talk is dangerous.  The negative self talk you allow to continue will forever sabotage the future you say you’re designing for yourself and the ones you love.

The second point of Lifestyle Design is:

#2 Be Present In Your Design

All-in.  Fully committed to both the journey, and the destination.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

If you say you want something – but keep telling yourself that you can’t get there, or you don’t deserve it, or that you can’t do it.

You Won’t.

Your self talk is a significant factor in whether you reach your destination.  Because, as I mentioned, if you are divided against yourself, you will never reach any significant goals in your future.

This point is so important.

Be fully present in your Now and in Building Your Dreams!


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