Big Steps at a Mexican Wedding

Big Steps at a Mexican Wedding


For some, the next big step will be huge. Today I’m at a wedding. The bride and groom are taking a big next step in their life by making a commitment to each other for the rest of their lives. Some of us have taken that big step. Others look forward to that step.

The next big step might require going to a new place, perhaps a new country where learning a new language will greatly assist our future steps. Language is one of the very essential tools we use to connect with people. Without the ability to communicate, our next step will be very limited.

Some steps require skills we do not yet have. Learning those skills is very important to help us get where we need to go.

Crossing to the other side will require us to stop being where we now are. Going to a new place in your life will require you to be a new person. Staying the way you are now cannot lead you to the other side, or assist you in getting to where the future really is brighter.

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