International Adventure in Mexico #2

This is Byron Watts. Today, or, This time, we’re going to walk this way to see that sometimes our steps aren’t straight up, up a mountain. Sometimes we get to a plateau and have some steps to take that are much easier once we’ve gotten to that level. We walk and watch our step, yes, but we don’t have a huge hill to climb. We don’t have lots of big steps. We have easier steps.


We take the steps that we have in front of us because we really don’t want to stay where we are forever. And, sometimes it’s clearly time to move. So we take the steps. As you can see, we’re on the side of a mountain and it’s dry season right now. It’s very warm, but it’s not hot.



And here we are, back where we started after we got to the top of this set of steps that we took last time. There are lots of steps here that we can take. Some of them might be learning a new language. I don’t currently have a very good handle on Spanish. I can say hello…and then I’m stuck. To be effective at this location, I need to learn Spanish. And, if I go to another location, I might need to learn another language, French, Italian, Tagalog, some other languages that would be essential in other locations.

Assuming that everyone else should adjust to my English might not be a very wise next step for me. Perhaps you want to locate to a new country. Start with a short visit. You can see new cultures, new experiences and understand that not everything is like you experience it at home. Sometimes you want to go and meet new friends, have new experiences, new projects … volunteer.

Last week I spent lots of time cutting sheetrock on a work project with El Monte and found that extremely fun, hard work and a really good week. Now I’m back to sharing with you some of the steps that I’m taking here.

If there’s anything that I can do to help you please contact me.

I’m signing out for right now.


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