International Adventure in Mexico #3

This is Byron Watts. Sometimes we get to the top, to a plateau our life and we need to take a few steps down to a different level to get to another place. Perhaps we have an ocean, we need to cross, we need to go visit another place and to get there we need to adjust where we’re at. Now I’m taking a few steps down. It’s not the same place I was before, because [sorry] I’ve been on that plateau for a while and last time we talked from that new location. As you can see, I’m going down at this spot, taking some big steps that aren’t directly up, but they will be on the next plateau, when I get there.

Hear the roosters?

Maybe you’d like to visit and experience some of the culture, some of the food of a different place. It does require a little adjusting but, it’s not too hard. If you’re flexible and ready for your next big step.

Again, this is Byron Watts. If there’s anything I can do to assist you on your journey to the next big step, please contact me.

Have a great day!


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