Reflections on sixth grade


This is Byron Watts and I’ve returned from my most recent International Adventure in Mexico … to snow. And I already miss the nice warm temperatures. Here I’m wearing a coat and gloves, at least on one of my hands right now.

I wanted to walk by one of the places where I took one of my big steps in my life. And it doesn’t look like much now, but this is one of the buildings that I attended school in. And, I wanted to give you a quick glimpse of a piece of my history. And, the building is condemned now. Obviously no longer occupied in that condition, but this is one of those places where a lot of good things happened. I remember some of the teachers, Mr. B and Miss Wood and several others who I learned from in this building. One of the interesting incidents that happened in the playground when I got pig piled and had to go to a chiropractor to straighten out my neck afterwards. It was very exciting, but it was a good piece of growing up for me and I learned a log of neat things here.

And, wondering about you and the next big step that you need to take in your life.

Myself, I’m planning my next International Adventure as soon as I can. And I want to go back to one of the sights that I visited in 2012. That was the Worlds Biggest Spinning Top and I’ll include a link here so you can take a look. Took a lot of pictures in Manila, Philippines and had a very interesting experience there. I want to go back to that site and re-experience that and a few other exciting places and meeting a few more people in the Philippines. A couple of my friends, Andrew and Melissa I’ve already communicated with and Pastor Joe Mauk as well is one of the places I want to go and a few other places. I’d like to see more of the Philippines and experience a bit more of that culture as well and take some more big steps.

If there’s anything that I can do to assist, please contact me.

And I’m going to sign out for now.


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