What systems do you have to handle disappointments and pain?

This is Byron Watts

And I’m currently at the second place that was named, that has my name in it that I’ve lived and I’d like to show you around a little bit.
This is one of the houses that I lived in here in Byron and the first house I ever bought
and one of the interesting places that I’ve spent time.
And this is the second house that I owned and lived in for a long time…and oh the stories this house could tell.
I lived here for a short period of time.
So, how did I come to live at this location?
Well behind me is the main reason. To start with, you’ll notice a lot of big blue stuff.
This is the place I spent a great deal of time following what I thought was the American Dream.
And you know you might recognize this place, but if you don’t, I’ll give you a few hints.
Let’s take a swing around and see if you can find anything that’s identifying over there.
I think it’s a little hard to see. But there’s an awful lot of space here that you can imagine
as full of people, way over there. I hear it’s around three million square feet of office
space and industrial space at one point.
It should be a little bit easier to see. This is one of the places that I spent my previous,
one of my previous careers at. And you might recognize those initials.
It was interesting, but challenging to be a technology guy. And I still have some of those leanings and tendencies.
These parking lots used to be full of people but recently the number of people who actually come here is smaller than a reasonably good sized town.
An awful lot of people have been outsourced from this location.
Have you ever been outsourced or had other significant life events change what you expected was your “safe secure job”, perhaps, or the things you were counting on for the rest of your life?
What systems do you use to handle situations like that?
Have you got a way to process those kinds of disappointments and pain?
If there’s anything I can do to help you, please contact me at our international office
the number is 832-592-7853.

This again is Byron Watts.
Have a great day!
To contact me visit www.TakeTheNextBigStep.com or call our International Office at


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