Living on the right side of the tracks?

Living on the right side of the tracks?

This is Byron Watts. One of the interesting experiences that I’ve had growing up and throughout my life is living on or near railroad tracks almost my entire life. I suppose, I wonder, am I living on the right side of the tracks or not?  This is one of those tracks that I spent a fair amount of time walking as I was growing up. And, there are several others. But, how have trains been a part of your life? Have you been near tracks or experienced any train incidents that have caused you to ponder and think about life in a different way? And, perhaps you’ve even ridden trains. I personally have taken at least one train ride in my life, and a few joy rides later on. But, how about you?

If there’s anything I can do to assist you, please contact me.

This is Byron Watts signing out.


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