Education – eighth grade – fear of hazing made me change schools in Jr. High

This is Byron Watts again and today, this time
I’m going by one of the places I attended school for one year.
There’s a little bit of a story behind this one.
It’s also condemned and vacant now. It’s one of those places
where I should have been in school for two years except,
I was so scared to death when I heard from a couple of associates that
were a grade ahead of me that they were going to practice hazing
and all that good stuff that I should be afraid of going to school
and so I didn’t go to this school for my seventh grade year.
I attended a different school which I’ll show you another time.
But this building is now not in very good shape and the doors
have been closed for a number of years.
For a while it was a business….
But a lot of interesting things happened here.
One of my favorite teachers of all time was in this building.
Mr. Threlkeld or Mr. T. The experience that I remember most
is when one of my friends Tony did a little bit of a side experiment
to see how hydrogen burns except, he forgot to take it out of the
apparatus and put it in a test tube first….and he lit the apparatus
and it exploded.
The lesson that we all got that day was, Mr. T asked the question,
“What did you learn from that?”, and I really appreciated that.
Unfortunately, Mr. T is not with us any more so I can’t talk to him about it now.
But it was really a good experience to have Mr. Threlkeld not blow up
and not react to the situation, but to learn from the experience…
what do we learn from that.

What are the big experiences you had in Jr. High?
This would have been my eighth grade year in this building, not the seventh
like I said earlier.

If I can assist you in any way, please contact me at our international office
and this is Byron Watts again, signing out.


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