Take The Next Big Step begins in High School

This is Byron Watts.

Today I’m standing by another building that I went to school at for one year.
This particular school was my High School year and I had some really interesting experiences here.  One of them was my love of photography was enforced and encouraged. Mr. Anderson actually was the yearbook instructor here and English teacher and did a lot of photography. He encouraged me in photography and I bought my first real camera when I was at this building. I used it to take a lot of pictures.

Another interesting thing that happened here is, I was experienced riding in a car with a drunk driver for the first time. One of the students parents actually picked us up to take us home and that particular day I realized that not all was perfect. It was an interesting experience.

A lot of first time experiences in the freshman year of high school. This is one of those places I took some big steps and learned a lot of new things.

And I’m wondering if that’s something that you’ve experienced as well? How has your journey through life experiences brought you to the place where you are now so that you’re ready to Take The Next Big Step in your life?

If there’s anything that I can do to help you please contact me at our international office.
The number is 832-592-7853. Thanks and we’ll talk to you again.

To contact me visit www.TakeTheNextBigStep.com or call our International Office at


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