The Story In My Head That I Tell Myself

This is Byron Watts.
Get to Bigger and Better together!
If you could see things the way I see things, we could do some pretty amazing things together!  …and Take The Next Big Step in ways that will make your life amazing!

Glad that you’re here today!  And wanted to share a couple of things.  I’ve been working on some modules to share with you that will help us Take Our Next Big Step Together!
Today I’m thinking about the story that’s in your head.  The one that you tell yourself when things don’t go as well as you’d like, or when things turn out in ways that you didn’t expect, usually.  Or, sometimes they went really great and you take credit for those things.
I’m a little bit curious if you’d like to share what the story is that you have going on in your head.  Some people that I’ve shared in the Free Action Guide have the story that whenever something goes poorly, They refer to themself as, “Dummy, Dummy, Dummy, Dummy, Dummy…” and that REALLY doesn’t help in the Taking The Next Big Step Category it limits where you can go and how you respond to life and what the opportunities are that you even can see…

One of the things that I also wanted to share is, You can’t see things you don’t know.
You have to actually have somebody help you understand things that you don’t understand.  Having a coach or mentor that can point things out that you haven’t yet identified as issues in your life or The Next Step that you should take.  It really does help to have somebody who’s been there and who’s had those experiences and gone through the things that you haven’t gone through yet.  Or, are going through and haven’t identified as issues in your life yet.

If I can be of any assistance, Again, this is Byron Watts  To Bigger and Better Together!
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