Three Fundamental Questions

Three Fundamental Questions to Consider as you prepare to Take The Next Big Step

Hello my friend, this is Byron Watts.

I was just thinking about a couple of things today as I was creating another module and I had a couple of questions that I wanted to go over with you.

The first question is:  Am I in control?

You might wonder what kind of question that is. The basic idea is, there are several aspects in our life that have to be in balance for us to be healthy and to Take The Next Big Step in our life. Some of us find ourself settling for mediocre and stuck in a dead end job in some cases. Stuck in opportunities that we thought would be good, but turned out not to be so good. Sometimes stuck in relationships that aren’t particularly healthy…and we need to Take The Next Big Step and deal with those situations in a healthy way to get to Bigger and Better so that we’re not stuck in mediocre for our whole life. The question, “Am I in control?” covers several aspects.  Am I in balance?  Am I healthy?  Am I getting enough exercise?  Am I eating well?  Some of those things that we need to deal with.  Maybe I’ve had too much to drink lately and it’s getting in the way of me making progress in my life.

The second question that I wanted to have you consider today with me is:  Am I in connection, or Am I connected?

Are the people in my life REALLY connections that I rely on, that they give me strength and input in my life, feedback that helps me grow in healthy ways? Do I have the mentor and the coach that I need to see the blind spots in my life…to be able to understand what’s going on for the places that I really haven’t identified as problems yet? Am I in Denial? Have I been dealing with things that need to be dealt with? Or am I just pretending like they’re not there so I don’t have to deal with them and feel uncomfortable?

The third question that I wanted to consider today with you is:  Am I contributing?

Am I making a significant contribution in my life? Have I gone beyond mission to Vission and have I made the Vission Shift™ in my life that’s required when I Take The Next Big Step to make a Big Difference and a Big Impact in the world? To Take The Next Big Step and to get to Bigger and Better in a way that’s helpful for me that’s helpful for others …Am I sharing? Am I giving? Am I contributing in the work that I do in a way that brings meaning and value in my life?

I wanted to think about those couple of things and maybe get some feedback from you. If you have any ideas on where you’re at in this journey, in your journey; if you have some feedback that you’d like to send by email to me.

Send me an email: is the address that I’m using for feedback right now.  Let me know what you think. The feedback that, you know, maybe you’re ready to Take The Next Big Step or you want to be ready and you need some assistance.

If there’s anything that I can do to help, please contact me at our international office at 832-592-7853. Or go to right now and register the Free Action Guide that I have for you that you can Get your own copy! And review the things that I recommend for you to do.

Again, this is Byron Watts To Bigger and Better in your life and we can do it together. To contact me visit or call our International Office at 832-592-7853.

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