Living wholeheartedly

Living wholeheartedly

Everyone uses mechanisms to protect themselves from pain.  In my case, I took on the position of teacher’s pet and stuck close to adults so my peers would be less able to physically hurt me.  I also developed an ego to keep people distant from me so they couldn’t easily hurt me.  If I’m “smarter” than you are, you won’t be able to hurt me.  This makes having close healthy relationships difficult.  I also tended to have friends who were female and were less physically aggressive and less likely to hurt me.  I suggest that ego became my first blind spot.

Living wholeheartedly.  This is a key to having a happy life.  One of the most valuable tools I discovered is in this area.  No matter how you got here; no matter where “here” is for you, you can get your heart back to living wholeheartedly.

Living wholeheartedly with our systems

Do you have a system that helps you identify your blind spots so you can Take The Next Big Step and begin living wholeheartedly in your life?

Begin living wholeheartedly today

When you realize how disconnected from your heart you have become, your coach and MindShift Team™ can help you begin the process of discovering your heart and living wholeheartedly today.


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