Legacy, Accomplishment and Courage Killer (LACK)

Why it’s been hard for me to enjoy a good vacation.  Can you relate?

Last time I mentioned that “When I’m not working…I’m probably still working.”  Does this happen to you too?  Remember that the definition of “working” varies some for people in various type of business.  If you lay bricks, you’re only “working” when you’re putting down bricks in mortar…or getting ready for the next job buying supplies and carrying them to the job site.  If you’re a “teacher” the only time you’re actually working is when you’re teaching, and you should include correcting papers too…  In the traditional sense, we “work” 9 to 5, 8 to 4, 7 to 3 or if you’re blessed, you get a salary and can work 24/7 and still make the same amount for the whole year!  The concept of work that we grew up with was invented by the Industrial Revolution who needed workers at specific times during the day so the infamous production line would continue to roll out product.  Thank you Henry Ford.

But if you notice, vestiges of the Industrial Age are dissolving around us.  We no longer need people to run most of the production line…at least not in the United States.  You might be able to keep your production job in China or other countries where production has moved.  If you’ve ventured into the world of being an entrepreneur, and remember, during the next few years 40% and growing of our population will be in the self-employed category, you get to decide which hours you are working and what you’re doing with those hours.  It’s a double-edged blessing.  While you can choose to not work, most self-employed people also end up making the choice to not get paid.  If you’re still trading time for money, that is, each hour you work is worth a fixed amount of dollars, then taking a vacation also means you’re taking a pay cut.

Naturally, getting out of the hours for pay mindset is one of the biggest goals every entrepreneur, every person, should have.  When you understand that your income doesn’t have to depend on the amount of time you work this afternoon, it opens a whole new world of possibilities to you and me.

As a creator, you can put together valuable products and services that enhance the lives of others.  Many people have never experienced the things you have.  They want to learn things you already know.  They want to avoid some of the pitfalls you already understand.  Can you help them speed their learning?  As the late Jim Rohn often said, “Of Course!”

How can you help others on their journey?  By creating products and services that they need and want.  The more value you bring to their life, the more dollars you can receive in exchange.  As the late Zig Ziglar said, “You can have anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Why do some people have trouble taking a really good vacation?

LACK? Get a MindShift System™In my experience, it’s often because of the perception of “not enough” .  When we think there’s “not enough” of something, we are living in a mindset of LACK.  LACK is the ultimate Legacy, Accomplishment and Courage Killer.  When you begin with a mindset of LACK, things move from difficult, to impossible.  There’s simply “not enough” to even consider a new option.

If you have a mindset of LACK you limit your contribution and ultimately your Legacy suffers.  The things you do in your life and contribute with your life are much smaller when you think there’s “not enough”.  Your Accomplishments are also much smaller…there’s “not enough” to do big things.  Contribution when there’s “not enough”?  Are you kidding?  Who would expect me to contribute more.  Don’t they understand how little I already have?  Do you see a pattern?  No Courage to move forward because I don’t have enough.  Legacy, Accomplishment and Courage Killer.

Were you raised in an environment where LACK defined what you could accomplish?  Could this mindset affect how much vacation you take and if you are able to enjoy a real vacation?  When everyone seems to be asking you for things you can’t give them…or at least you don’t think you can, it can be very stressful and discouraging.  So your vacation suffers.  Your contribution to the world suffers.  Your accomplishments suffer.  You stop leaving a legacy because you “need to” think about today and focus on getting enough.

What is the solution to a mindset of LACK?

The only solution if you want to end the mindset of LACK, is a MindShift™.  Focusing on what you don’t have enough of won’t get more of what you need.  There needs to be a new mindset developed with a completely new focus.  Our MindShift System™ could be the solution you or someone you know really needs to succeed and enjoy a real vacation!

Do you have a system that helps you work through issues in your life?

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