The Nightcap Part 3 – Action

Public and Private Issues

Last time I mentioned that some people hesitate to publicly admit they have problems.  It’s especially difficult to make admissions with people from the community that you already know.  We want to look like everything is being handled and we’ve got everything together and under control.  We dress for success, put on our game face and pretend that everything is okay.

The problem is, for many, everything is NOT okay.  We say things are going well, but we aren’t being totally honest.  It’s difficult to say that you’re having struggles that keep you stuck.  We pretend everything will be fine, but take no action to make them better.  We’re ashamed to tell anyone what is really going on.

Like I mentioned, if you hesitate to join a local support group…and many people feel uncomfortable joining a local face-to-face group, I developed a solution that can help!

Contentment and Dissatisfaction

We don’t change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the perceived pain of change.  We prefer to believe that everything is going well, or as well as it can be.  But there’s often a part of us that isn’t completely satisfied with keeping things the same way they’ve always been.  We yearn for something better because we know it’s out there.  We don’t always know what to look for but we know the way things have always been done just doesn’t cut it anymore.  While some people wait till pain forces them to change.  Others “get it” and choose to grow and invest in their future knowing that Bigger and Better is out there.  Sometimes understanding the importance of investing in our future happens after the pain of loss.

We long for something that we do not have.  We yearn to fill a void we were designed to fill.  I believe each one of us was created for a very special purpose.  There is something we were designed specially to do with our life.  Some of the frustration that each of us feels can be an indicator that we’re not filling that custom-made void we were designed for yet.  If we don’t do what we were designed for, it won’t get done.  Everyone suffers when our purpose is not found and that special void filled.

You are a creator!

Bigger and Better is out there.  Something we yearn for:  Healthy relationships, Better health, more wealth, a better quality of life.  Some understand the amazing value of making a significant contribution to the world.  Adding amazing value to the lives of others.  The late Zig Ziglar made it clear that you and I can have anything we want if we help enough people get what they want.  Adding value to the lives of others brings value both to them and to us.  My current goal is to create at least one million dollars worth of value this year.  Possible?  The late Jim Rohn said it best, “Of Course!”  It is not only possible to create one million dollars of new value this year, it’s much easier than most people realize.

You might be thinking that you’ll never make more than $200,000 in your job no matter how hard you work or how many hours you spend working.  You’re probably right.  Unless you are the top guy of your corporation, it is very unlikely that you will ever earn more than $200,000.  But….  You can be a creator of value that far exceeds an hourly wage or salary.  Thousands have done it before now.  Why not you too?  You are a creator!

What are you creating today?

At no time in history has it been easier to reach so many people with the value you create.  If the thing you create is worth one US Dollar…that is, each thing you create adds one US Dollar worth of value to someone else’s life, you only need to reach one million people to create a one million dollar increase in value and net worth.  Possible?  “Of Course!”

Occam’s Razor

There is a principle you might or might not be familiar with.  Occam’s Razor says that the simplest solution to a problem is the most direct.  The simplest way to increase your net worth by one million US Dollars is to find one person or organization, let’s call them the “client”.  The client you found needs your one million US Dollar product or service receives one million or more dollars of value in exchange for one million US Dollars.  Possible?  “Of Course!”

Many don’t believe they have a one million dollar idea to provide.  Okay.  Let’s try a slightly smaller number.  Do you think you have a $100,000 idea that can improve the life or business of ten or more clients?  Possible?  “Of Course!”

Have you given yourself permission to Play Big?

What if your product or service is worth only $10,000 of added value?  Then you only need to reach 100 or more clients.  Easy.  Of course, we could start with smaller value products or services, then we need to reach a few more clients to reach our goal.

My Recommendation

I recommend that you create the most valuable product or service possible.  Then, create another product or service worth at least ten times more than the first.  If your first product has a value of $500 or more, the second one should be $5,000 or $10,000.  Possible?  “Of Course!”  I challenge you to stop thinking about earning $15/hour or $50/hour or even $200/hour.  Your net worth can grow significantly when you reach out to hundreds and thousands of people who need what you can give them.  You have skills, talents, abilities and knowledge gained from training, experience and the school of hard knocks that can save someone else years of time, adding immediate value to their life or business.

What are you already expert at?  What experiences have you already had that someone else values?  What if you are just learning something new that interests you?  Do you think there is anyone else in the world who wants to learn about it too?  The one thing a global economy provides is millions of people who haven’t learned what you know.  They’re eager to learn it faster.

Faster or Slower?

Here’s the thing:  Faster is valuable.  You might be able to gather all the information out there for free…if you’re stuck with the notion that since everything can be learned for free (at least it seems that way) that there is no value you can add, you don’t understand the value of speed and the cost of being slow.

Time is money?

If it takes you five years to recover from a mistake that you could have avoided with the help of a good coach, what was that five years worth?

In my case, the cost of not having a good mentor or coach was at least $500,000 … not counting opportunity cost.  The lessons learned by trial and error cost me around three million dollars.

How much does trial and error, and doing everything on your own really cost you?

All the free information in the world will not get you where you want to go fast enough to be worth doing everything for “free”.

Casual reading, yes.  Speedy business?  No.

You are a creator!

Challenge:  Spend half of your TV or Social Media time creating something valuable.  You’ll be amazed how much things begin to change.

If you don’t feel confident about creating value and putting your product or service out for new clients, talk to me.  We might be able to work together and build the systems you need to Take The Next Big Step as a creator.

Confidence comes through experience.  Start today.

How much value will you create this year?


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