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Life Assessment One

Life Shift can be thought of as a series of tests. We go from one test to another learning and growing from our mistakes. Sometimes we learn good things. Other times we learn things we don’t prefer and would rather avoid. Remember the multiple choice tests you took going through school? Some people loved multiple choice quizzes, others hated them. One thing to remember is that a multiple choice quiz gives you the option of several different answers. Each answer can help you clarify the value of the question.

Never forget, The Power of the Answer Depends on The Power of the Question

Maybe you haven’t taken a moment to see the LifeShift Academy Next Step Assessment

We like assessments so much that we made it available to you as well.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask your clients and potential clients the very best questions today!

Wheel of Life Assessment

First there was Wheel of Life, now there is Wheel of Life Assessment!  Even better than Wheel of Life because it gives you the ability to tell your clients and potential clients more about your services and offers.  You can include video instructions to give your viewers more information about you and develop your brand.  Priceless!  Get Wheel of Life Assessment!

Wheel of Life Assessment

Wheel of Life

You might have heard about the Wheel of Life an online tool that helps you visualize your goals for balance in your life. Now you can use your Wheel of Life as a Lead Generator! Get Wheel of Life Pro!

Get it.

Wheel of Life Pro

Website Doctor

It seems obvious, but every WordPress website on the Internet needs somebody taking care of it. If software updates are never installed, your website becomes a target for hackers. When your site gets hacked, you’re out of business. Your reputation and your site’s reputation takes a dive.

Did you know that Google actively removes websites that get hacked?

You wish for a way to keep your site up to date. You wish you could make a few changes to the way things work on your site. Not big things, but occasionally that logo position bothers you, or something needs a little tweak.

Check out Website Doctor by