Sharing Activity Results

This is the page that includes information on sharing the results of your activities with LifeShift Academy™. Currently the page is at the URL: and will be maintained as changes are made in how information can be shared for your Activities and Assignments.

Activities shared through LifeshiftAcademy™ including the Transformation Success Manifesto; and Action Guide to Your Future, Blind Spot Awareness Blueprint and Recovery Guide andLifeShift Action Blueprint™ are emailed to where one of our coaches will review the results and share in your accomplishments and celebrations!

If the file is too large for email, and if you’re using video, it can get very large. There are several options we can use to exchange information.

  1. Dropbox
  2. YouTube

When you post your activity response anywhere besides the email address, please notify us at one of the above email addresses so tell one of our coaches that the information is available for review.

Again, Congratulations!  You’re doing GREAT!!!

Note:  This page will be updated with new ways to communicate your information with our coaches.

For life feedback, we commonly use:

  1. Skype
  2. Google Hangout
  3. Teleconference
  4. Direct telephone contact

You can always call our International Office at 832-592-7853 if this page hasn’t answered your question well enough. Please remind the person who responds to your call that this page was not clear enough to answer your question so we can make sure to improve it!

Thank you!