SUCCESS! Defining Your Vission™

SUCCESS! Defining Your Vission™

When going through a LifeShift™ it is very important to determine what your definition of SUCCESS! really is. Are you trying to reach the right target?

  • Have you even through through what your definition of SUCCESS! really is?
  • Most people have a reasonably vague definition of SUCCESS!  For example…I want to be a millionaire.
  • This is an extremely vague definition. It doesn’t give your brain anything to work on. It’s unattainable for most people.
  • If you for example, had a goal to have $1,000,000 in cash in a suitcase under your desk, your brain has a much more clear goal to work on.
  • But is $1,000,000 in cash under your desk really the goal you want to pursue?
  • Does it give meaning to your life?

This volume helps you think through the definition you have for SUCCESS! It gives you the opportunity to clearly think through what you really want from your life.

Welcome to your LifeShift™!


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