Overwhelm Declutter NOW Activity Sheet

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Overwhelm - Declutter NOWOn this Activity Sheet list everything that is on your mind.  Things you should have put on your calendar, maybe months ago, but haven’t yet.  List things that need your attention but you haven’t finished yet.  Everything, including bills that need your attention, dates in court or at the hair stylist…everything that is taking up space in your brain.  Write it down.  Next, prioritize each item on the list that needs your attention.  An appointment with the hair stylist TODAY should have a higher priority than taking your car in for repairs next week.

Now that everything that was taking up brain space in your head is listed on paper and put properly in your calendar where it belongs, you don’t have to keep feeling that nagging sensation that you might be forgetting something.  Of course, if something new comes to mind, write it down also.

You are on the right track to feeling peace of mind, because you’re no longer burning extra energy just keeping track of the overwhelming number of things going on in your life!

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